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Our Mission Statement

At Thiriot Elementary School, we develop strong leaders and lifelong learners who make positive contributions to society through respect and responsibility.

Our Vision Statement 

I am a Dreamcatcher:

I do my best to get things done. 

I take responsibility for my education and my actions.

I take pride in myself and my environment.

I am a positive example for others to follow. 

I am a Leader!

Thiriot Elementary
5700 W. Harmon Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89103

Contact Us

(702) 799-2550


(702) 799-2545


School Hours
Student Day 

8:55am - 3:26pm

Front Office

7:30am - 4:00pm

Teacher Day

8:25am - 3:36pm

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A Letter From the Principal

Dear Thiriot Elementary School Families,

To help make our school safer for everyone, we changed our drop off and pick up procedures. Here are copies of the morning drop off map and afternoon pick up map.


Morning drop off is similar to our rainy day procedure. 

  • All 1st-5th students will come directly into the building through the front door of the school starting at 8:50 AM. From there they will walk to their classrooms to meet their teacher. 

  • Kindergarten and Pre-K students will enter on the side of the building at the kindergarten door. Teachers will be there to direct and escort students to their classes. 

  • Bus riders will be brought into the building when they arrive.


​For afternoon pick-up, we are dismissing in three areas.

  • Kindergarten will exit through their playground area at 3:15 PM. Parents can wait outside the kindergarten gate for their child.

  • 2nd and 4th grade students will leave at 3:26 from the kindergarten gate. Parents can wait outside the kindergarten gate for their child.

  • 1st grade will leave through the gate by the front of the school. Parents should wait by the side of the building near the bus area.

  • 3rd and 5th grade students will exit through the gate near the bike rack. Parents should wait on the sidewalk by the fence.

  • Bus riders, SafeKey, and after school clubs will be escorted to their locations by teachers and staff.


Students and parents are not allowed to hop over the back wall to come onto or leave campus, ​per CCSD policy. 


​Thank you for being patient while we work with these new procedures to keep your child safe at school.



Renée Mechem, Principal

2023-2024 Registration 

Online registration for Clark County School District students for the 2023 - 2024 school year is underway. Enrollment information, including minimum age and entrance requirements, are posted on the CCSD website.

To begin the enrollment process, follow the instructions on our Registration page. 

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