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Series Craft

What is Series Craft?

Creating a love for reading is a major focus at Thiriot Elementary School. One way we do that is through the Series Craft program. When students participate in Series Craft, they are encouraged to explore and choose a book series based on their individual interests and abilities. We have lots of series for our students to choose from, such as "Horrible Harry", "Judy Moody", "Never Girls", and "Kung Pow Chicken". 

After reading a book, students take an Accelerated Reader test to document their comprehension and understanding of what they have read. After finishing all of the books in their series and successfully passing the Accelerated Reader tests, students are rewarded with a dog tag that has been specially designed for their grade level and a charm to hang on their dog tag necklace. Series Craft necklaces are displayed in every Thiriot classroom and can be worn by students when they are at school.

Series Craft Levels

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