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Thiriot Art Gallery

3-D Masks

Students in 4th and 5th grades worked on a yearlong project based on the art enduring idea of identity.  As part of this project, students learned how to draw faces based on proportions. The students also studied the concept of masks. Students were encouraged to incorporate characteristics of themselves into the masks they made using paper, markers, and craypas.

2-D Masks

Students in all grades, K-5, designed and created 2-dimensional masks. The masks were made using paper, crayons, and craypas.


These self-portraits were made using paper and craypas. Students focused on incorporating their individual characteristics into their portraits through the use of texture and subtle details. Although each student is unique and individual, this project built a strong sense of community in our school.


Inspired by and based on the work of Vincent Van Gogh, student artists drew pictures of flowers using crayons. The final products turned out so nice because of the artists' attention to detail when blending with color families.

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